For centuries Torrazza was the administrative center of S. Giorgio’s“Terziere”, one of the old municipality Porto Maurizio three district.

The built-up area arises very compact, cut by narrow street ( “caruggio”) laying on the hill, beneath the high circular tower, built in mid16th century as a defence from barbarian raid, which happened between 1562 and 1563.

The fort has been reconditioned in 1994-1994 thanks to a municipality investment and it has been partially rebuilt the wooden structure with placement of an old piece of artillery.

The tiny oratory, recently conditioned, arise at the tower bottom; it has been built in 1623 and consecrated to S. Bernardino, patron of the disappeared hamlet called Sciorài.

Among the monuments, to point out the medieval church of S.Giorgio, built in 1001 near the today’s cemetery. It indicate also the original village position (80 meters above sea level), later moved higher.
On the church yard it is possible to admire a bronze bust portraying Jerusalem Patriarch Vincenzo Brazzo ( 1835-1889), born in Torrazza.
In thee higher part of the village, you can note the S. Gottardo oratory (1547) amd the Baroque oratory og S.John’s brotherhood. Not far away, you can find the eighteenth-century Villa Gastaldi
At Clavi, it is possible to cross the Prino creek thanks to a stone-bridge dated back to 13th-14th century, that was part of the original path crossing lengthwise the Community of Porto Maurizio.