The “Palazzo Strafforello” and the “Piazza Raineri”



Misura in marmo equivalente ad un quarto (1/4) di barile da olio. (G. c. Museo dell’Olivo)
It is one of the most interesting buildings of the ancient “Strada Nova” or “Strada delle Erbe” (now Via Botta). The street was built along the city-walls at the end of the 17th century. The building was decorated with frescoes both inside and outside at the end of the 18th century. The famous writer Gustavo Straforello (1820 – 1903) was born here. At one end of the street there is “Piazzetta Raineri”, also called “Piazza Lunghetta”, which was dedicated to the philanthropist Dr. Raineri. Here you may also see the well-preserved, original shape of the old bastion “delle Erbe” or “di San Giovanni Battista” of the year 1627. On one side of the square at the end of the slope “dell`Olio” (now Via Bossi) there was the gate “della Foce”. Once the goods to be sold at the market were transported from “Borgo Foce” to the market “del Bastione” through this gate.