The “Palazzo Littardi” and the“Palazzo Bensa” giuseppe-mazzini-imperia-giraparasio

GIUSEPPE MAZZINI in una foto del 1864.

PALAZZO LITTARDI This “Palazzo” is an old aristocratic building. Its inside is decorated with mythological frescoes by the painters Carrega. The building is strongly connected with the local Risorgimento, as the pedagogist L. Lambruschini, the historian Carlo Botta and the Count of Cavour Camillo Benso resided there. On the left side there is another typically Ligurian alley, the “Caruggio dei Testui”.

PALAZZO BENSA The architect G. Bossi finished the building in 1780. It was the home of the family Bensa. The lawyer Elia Bensa was initially a conspirator against the king and later on, in 1848, he became a representative of the “Parlamento Subalpino” (the parlament of the Kingdom of Sardinia). He gave repeatedly shelter to the brothers Ruffini and to Giuseppe Mazzini, who is told to have taken refuge at the Bensa´s home diguised as a monk, in order to escape the police. On the right there is another typically Ligurian alley, the “Caruggio della Gainetta”.