The “Palazzo Gandolfo” and the “Palazzo del Capitano”


Medaglione raffigurante lo stemma della REPUBBLICA di GENOVA (anno 1626). (G. c. Edizioni Banca CA.RI.GE.)


PALAZZO GANDOLFO The “Palazzo” is the major local example of secular Renaissance architecture and was built between 1590 and 1592 by the architects Semeria from Montegrazie. It was the home of the Marquises Gandolfo, a noble family, who Carlo Emanuele I of Savoy bestowed the title on. The refined portal of black stone of the 16th century is a most valuable work by some stonemasons from Cenova/Rezzo. All the gratings, the floors and frames still retain their original shapes. In 1745 the Spanish infant Don Filippo di Borbone and his court sojourned in the “Palazzo”.
PALAZZO DEL CAPITANO It was initially a private house and was restored in 1683 by the architect G.B. Faggiano according to the orders of the Genoese Senate. From the early 18th century until the overthrow of the aristocratic republic, the “Capitano Giusdicente”, who represented the highest local authority sent from Genoa, resided in the “Palazzo”. The building was named after him. On the first floor there were the seat of the court of justice, the courtroom and the chambers of civil and criminal law. On the second floor there was the residence of the “Capitano” and his family. On the third floor there was the residence of the “Cancelliere della Curia” and moreover there were the secret archives. On the groundfloor there were the stables, the current archives and the rooms of the prison officers (Bargello). The carved portal made of black stone is again a work of the stonemasons of Cenova/Rezzo (end of the 16th century).