The “Palazzo Aquarone” and the “Palazzo Gastaldi-Lavagna”


Napoleone Bonaparte ritratto di Jean LouisDavid(dicembre 1797).(Originale in Archivio di Stato – Imperia)


PALAZZO AQUARONE The inside is decorated with frescoes by De Ferrari. The building is situated in Via San Leonardo, which was once called “Caruggio di sodi” (= the alley of money) as its residents were very wealthy. Worthy of attention is also the nearby “Palazzo Marini”, which dates back to the same period. The building is close to the “Caruggio della Galleria di San Pietro”, an alley leading to a little square in front of the homonymous church.

PALAZZO GASTALDI – LAVAGNA The “Palazzo” is a magnificent building erected by a group of local workers under the supervision of the architect G. Barnao at the end of the 17th century. Notwithstanding the numerous and very often most distructive alterations the building had to bear, the inside of the building still preserves the aspect of an aristocratic 18th century dwelling. In April 1794 Napoleon Bonaparte, who then was only a captain of the socalled “Armeé d´Italie”, the Generals Massena and Kellermann and the People´s Representatives Robespierre Le Jeune and Saliceti sojourned in the “Palazzo”.