The Oratory of the “Disciplinanti di S. Pietro”



“Deposizione” – Cartelame di M. Carrega (fine XVIII sec.)(G. c. Confraternita di San Pietro – Imperia).


It is the oldest religious building in town. Due to the vicinity of the “Loggia del Mercato” the oratory was first of all built as the chapel of the socalled “Compagnia dei Mercanti” in the 12th century. In 1400 it belonged to the De Verdonis family and in 1500 to the Barla family, who turned the oratory into their private chapel. In September 1599 the Fraternity of the “Disciplinanti di S. Pietro” got the oratory as their seat and in the course of that they were allowed to widen it. The structure of the building in Baroque style with a barrel-vault dates back to the year 1600 and was constructed by the architect G. Semeria. The loggia of the late 18th century was built by the architect Bossetti and was erected on the ruins of the old medieval city-walls. The entrance staircase was restored in 1851. The small cylindrical belfry was built on the ruins of a former look-out tower; due to its shape it is very clearly visible.