The Martina gate


Porta Martina, ora Porta Pila in zona Brignole in Genova.(G. c. Ed. Banca CA.RI.GE).

The Genoese authorities had built the gate as the main entrance to the town in 1627. The black stone used for the external covering of the gate is from the little village Finale. The Martina Gate is characterized by three barrel-vaults. In 1641 the Genoeses dismantled Porto Maurizio´s fortifications and in the course of that the Martina Gate was taken to Genoa too. Today it is located in Genoa in the district of Brignole and it is called “Porta Pila”. In the second half of the 18th century Francesco Carrega painted a big image of the Madonna above the arch at the end of the slope once called “Munta di Ebrei” (now Via Carducci). The picture has recently been restored. Via Carducci had been a famous commercial street in the past and was considered a very nobel area because the aristocratic families resided there.