The “Casa delle scuole”, Casa della società operaia, Palazzo Lercari-Pagliari, and Palazzo Guarnieri



CASA DELLE SCUOLE It was the first permanent secondary school in town and was founded in 1640 by the apostolic protonotary Francesco Ferrari.

CASA DELLA SOCIETÀ OPERAIA It was the humble seat of the “Società Operaia” (workers´organization) of Porto Maurizio. It was founded in 1851 by Tito Rubaudo and other local supporters of Mazzini. The stucco relief on the upper part of the building shows the symbols of the arts and crafts.

PALAZZO LERCARI – PAGLIARI The palace is one of the most important monumental buildings in town. Its facade shows a perfectly balanced blend of medieval and Renaissance elements. The loggia is majestic. The building is made up of co-axial elements originating from different epoches, with style overlappings that extend from the 13th to the 18th centuries. The inside probably dates back to the second half of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century. First it belonged to the Lercari family, then to the Pagliari family, who were well-known both as businessmen and for rendering outstanding services to the public welfare. On the right side of the square entrance you can see a beautiful 18th century niche in Baroque style resting on the edge of the old parsonage.

PALAZZO GUARNIERI The building lies parallely to the “Palazzo Pagliari”. The entrance is from the side of the small suspended loggia of the latter. Worthy of attention is the spacious gallery decorated with frescoes overlooking Via Vianelli (the old Via Fossi). It was the home of the Marquises Guarnieri, rich bankers belonging to the Genoese aristocracy. In 1714 the Queen of Spain Elisabetta Farnese and in 1744 the army commander of the French-Spanish army Marquis De Las Minas sojourned in the “Palazzo”. The latter was in town on the occasion of the surrender of Oneglia