5 km northbound beyond the public Hospital, you can reach Sant’Agata, village born probably along  the old transhumance route, well-known as “via Marenca” on the oriental branch.

The two different housing units forming the village have few elements in common (the late Baroque Church and the eighteenth-century “Palazzo di Villeggiatura” Mole belonging to Marchioness Riccardi). Sant’Agata lived a strange situation of incomplete autonomy: in1783 it obtained the detachment from San Michele’s church, it always kept the role of  Bordo d’Oneglia suburb, without succeed in obtaining the independence.

Over the village, in the not far Monte Rosa area, it is said to be the  locations of  of the battle between General Massena French troops and De La Place troops of Savoy (08/04/1794): sources disagree on relevance and entity of this event.