Panoramic viewpoint of outstanding beauty (mt. 150 m.s.m.l.) Poggi overlooks Porto Maurizio, lower Prino valley and offers a Mediterranean sea glimpse; separated in two areas ( Upper and Lower), it keeps a pleasant and a natural city plan.

The S. Antony oratory, nowadays in state of neglect, is a Baroque construction attributable to Architect Carli: Inside of it it has been founded the independent parish, detached from Piani in1790.

The current church of Our Lady of Snow has been realised by architect Monti and Lorenzetti and consecrated in 1821, it shows a nice façade rich in frieze and niches whit plaster work in an hybrid style late- Baroque/neoclassical.

To point out, not so far, the old town hall revealed by a marble memento of Doc. Ranieri, realised in 1898 by Dell’Amico sculptor, and the tiny primary school, built in 1938.

In the lower hamlet, you can observe the old town bakery coming from the the 17th and the “old” school which construction ends in 1903.

In a sunny days, it is nice to follow the old mule track down to Piani and, in particular, close to Case Labbe alongside of the nineteenth-century Villa Ameglio.