It is located in one of the loveliest corners of Porto Maurizio Pizzeria Porto Vecchio in Via D. Acquarone 32, a few steps from Piazza Duomo can be reached on foot while enjoying splendid views of the Parasio.

It is the wood stove the heart of the pizzeria, where do all the delicacies created by the staff of pizza makers and Maximus the holder, after the recent change management in fact the menu was expanded and many specialties are based on its ability to cook over fire live.

They were added bruschetta made with pizza dough in many variations, from classic with tomato and basil, the one with gorgonzola, or with lard.

Even dough got rich and green, made from spinach is one of the most surprising tastes, pleasantly combined with a pizza.

Always in the wood oven can be requested cooking fish, sea bass, sea bream, bream and vegetables.

On the menu are various types of fresh pasta are added homemade book, or during theme nights you can taste the cous cous in many variations from vegetarian, with chicken or meat.

In the outdoor area is pleasant lunch or dinner, served with discretion and courtesy by the staff of Porto Vecchio, surrounded by historic buildings, with their eyes on the steps that lead to the summit of Parasio.

Porto Vecchio is also one of the few pizzerias where you can eat pizza for lunch and open seven days a week.

Often during the summer evenings we are organized musical events to entertain the customers and you can always be updated via the Facebook page


Via Domenico Acquarone n°32 – 18100 Imperia
tel +39 0183 654189/ +39 3884080801
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Open every days, lunch & dinner