The town of Piani ( 25mt. Above the sea level), extended in the valley centre on the right bank of Prino creek, is formed by many hamlets (Labbe, Carli, Corradi, Molini Soprani, Molini Sottani) still dynamic, rich and peopled.

The modern bridge on the creek, it has been first laid in 1860 and rebuild at the beginning of the 20th century due to the flood and ground instability damages. On the right bank, in correspondence to important buildings erected during the 80’s, you can find a War Memorial dedicated to the valley fallen, inaugurated in 1997.

From a monumental point of view, main buildings are the old Oratory of Our Lady’s Brotherhood, completely rebuilt in 1953, and the ancient Our Lady’s parish churc, of which it still exist some remaining of the medieval period ( est apsis area), but it has assumed its present form 1689-1713 works made by Architect G. Barnao and, mainly, by Architect G.B. Marvaldi.

In the small and silent cemetery, lies Giovanni Donaudi , historian (* 1840 – † 1892).
The hamlets of Carli and Corradi are well preserved and linked to the surrounding history: in 1993, brick-kiln ruins have been founded, dated at 3rd and 4th century A.D.

From the Piani church, the S.Maurizio “del Porto” separated definitely in 1480.
In medieval age, the village was already seat of a big fair attended by neighbour on the occasion of the 15th August, Our Lady’s celebrations.