(PGS Polisportive Giovanili Salesiane)


Via Santa Lucia, 14 – 18100 Imperia – c/o Palestra SOMS
tel +39 3451405991 (Manuela)  +39 3470742715 (Elena) +39 348 1030792
facebook: Niche Imperia Ginnastica Artistica

Timetable & Location

Via Santa Lucia, 14 – 18100 Imperia – c/o Palestra SOMS
Time courses depending on the age group, usually in the afternoon from 5.00


The association organizes the Artistic Gymnastics classes for all levels, in basic courses,
aimed mainly to smaller (from 3 years) you learn coordination and you become more familiar with the tools of gymnastics performing the basic elements.
In the intermediate and advanced courses they will face more complex exercises and performing competition programs calibrated according to the different levels of preparation.

Artistic gymnastic is a complete and spectacular sport with emotions at any level is practiced.

There are three test classes before proceeding with the definitive registration .