Moltedo (200 mt above the sea level.) is divided in two different borough, Upper and Lowers, was formerly crossed, from the centuries-hold border between the Count-ship of Prelà and the Municipality of Porto Maurizio, in other words the Stet of Savoy and the Genoa Republic. The border has been deleted in 1801.

However, only one was the parish, dedicated to San Bernard and built in 1645-1660, one of the first example of Baroque architecture in Riviera.

Next to it, it has to remind: the Speakers of Immaculate , at the entrance of the hamlet, based on a Architect Oreggia’s project in 1671; the Brotherhood of St. Caterina, rearranged in 1705 and Saint Augustine, ascribed to Architect Carli (half 18th century).

In the neighbourhood of the village, possible destination of pleasant country stroll, yu can find the private church of Saint Andrew (work of Architect Barnao ended in 1670, nowadays it is a little more than a ruin because of the 1887 earthquake) and the St. Anna, in Vasia territory, in which it is said that the famous Flemish painter Anton Van Dick took cover during a sentimental break; Van Dick has been considered the author of a paint today conserved in S. Bernardo’s church and these days considered Van Roos’ job.

The oriental valley is very interesting from the point of view both landscape and naturalistic, as in the past several oil mill were connected to it.