Costa d’Oneglia


From the road next to thee stream Oliveto, built in 1839 by Engineer Capello, you reach Costa ( 140 mt above the sea level), one of the former municipality merged in 1923 to arrange the Imperia territory.

The village boast a significant history as piedmont family fief (from Trotti in 1614 to Lascaris in 1785, up to Cavour-Alfieri) and shows a typical town structure of the ridge villages, grown between the ancient and current parish church.

The first (occupied in 1787 by the Our Lady brotherhood), it still maintain the original building volume referable to the first years of 15th century; the second church ( devoted to S.Antonio abbot), it has been built based on project of Architect Domenico Belmonte from Gazzelli between 1779 and the 1787.

Among the most important building, to point out the holiday palace of Belgrano Counts, the Villa Lascaris (used ad kindergarten since the 1905 after it has been given in 1899), the farmstead of Alfieri Counts form Sostegno. Below the hamlet, are grouped together the picturesque“Gombi della Chiusa”.

The cemetery chapel, built in 1870 and devoted to San Rocco, it has been recently gathered to the Fallen of all wars. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, originally built int 1614, it has been completely rebuilt in neoclassical stile by engineer Berio, after a popular vow to thanks after been saved from a cholera epidemic in 1854. Every 16th of July, close to the building, it occurs a popular religious celebration.

From the sanctuary, following a footpath between gardens and olive groves, you can reach Castelvecchio, going through the ruins of the Costa Rossa hamlet, razed to thee ground by the 1887 earthquake.