Whale and dolphin watching trips in the Pelagos Sanctuary for the marine mammals of the Mediterranean

Whale watching is one of the most extraordinary and exciting activities you can experience in your life: we wish to share it with you all, transmitting our enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, and deep respect for Nature!

OUR TEAM: The COSTA BALENAE cooperative was established in Imperia, in the area of the “Pelagos Sanctuary” for the protection of Marine Mammals of the Mediterranean Sea, under the initiative of a team of biologists and naturalists with a long experience in marine biology studies, environmental education, teaching and ecotourism, in particular for what concerns Whale Watching.

VIP Whale Watching – about 8 hours. A group of friends aboard a luxury yacht, looking for whales and dolphins at sea. A unique opportunity, accompanied by experienced professionals and a cook, who will make you discover tastes and specialties of the Ligurian radition.

Fishing tourism – about 4 hours. Let’s learn what’s the right fish to catch, according to the season, and under a sustainable development perspective. Accompanied by a professional fisherman, we’ll also discover the secrets of the Ligurian seafood.

Gallinara Island – about 3 hours. We’ll bring you along the coast of western Liguria, with its breath-taking landscapes, above and below the sea. Snorkeling from the boat will also be possible. In order to pay the greatest attention to your needs, all our trips are thought for small groups of people. The lenght of each excursion is approximate; the exact duration will be agreed with you when planning the trip. Because we have a great respect for Nature and animal welfare, we follow a code of conduct when approaching whales and dolphins.

SPECIAL. Are you owning a boat and wish to sail in the Pelagos Sanctuary, accompanied by a biologist from our team? Call us: we’ll help you planning the best itinerary and we’ll be aboard with you, to spot whales and dolphins and unravel the secrets of their life! Whales and dolphins, marine turtles and sea birds, fishes and other extraordinary marine creatures: join us aboard and live a memorable experience!


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