Duomo di S. Maurizio


Designed by the architect Gaetano Cantoni, the cathedral was started in 1781. It was finished and consecrated in 1838. The cathedral is the major neoclassical monument of Liguria and it is certainly its biggest church. It became “Basilica Minore” in 1947 and “Concattedrale” in 1975. Two befries frame the facade, which is characterized by 22 columns, half-columns and pilaster-strips placed on two levels. The fronton statues (the saints Etolo, Maurizio and Secondo) and the ones below (representing the prophets Daniele, Ezechiele, Geremia and Isaia) were made by the sculptor Stefano Brilla from Savona. The marble statues in the ambulatory niches represent the four apostles Pietro, Paolo, Giacomo and Filippo, which were in the Parasio´s Old Church in the past. They were made by the Ticinian sculptor T. Baguti in the 17th century. The inside of the building is designed on a magnificent scale (3,055 square metres) and shows some original works of art specially created for the cathedral by some of the most famous representatives of Ligurian and Roman Purist painting of the 19th and 20th centuries. Perimeter of the cathedral: about 90 m x 42 m (approx. 98.42 yds x 45.92yds). Vault height: 19.10 m (approx. 20.89yds). Cupola height: about 55 m (approx. 60.15yds).