Beyond the stream Oliveto, you can enter the territory of the former municipality of Castelvecchio, of which, on the right side, it is possible to admire the neoclassical facade of the old town hall ( 1892, based on an Agnesi project) and the opposite War Memorial made by Scalambrini ( 1922).

Castelvecchio is proud of its feudal past but mainly is known as the oldest hamlet in the Impero Valley, erected around a castle already mentioned during the 12th century and built to protect the main creek ford, of which is still visible the last eastern arch coming from the 1773 r4), the old church of the 1861 restoration by engineer Amoretti.

The religious buildings are divided into the semi-abandoned Conception Brothers’ oratory ( 1861) , the old Marvaldi’s church of the 1681, and the new temple “Mater Ecclesie”, planned by Architect Berardo from Turin (1961-1965) whit the engineer Bartoluzzi’s bell tower (1979-1980).

Still in the Castelvecchio area, on the other side of the stream, rises the San Giacomo oratory, in the “Barchei” area (barns).

Another important religious monument is the S. Pantaleo monastery founded by Capuchin Monks in the 1587 and by them seized up to the 1897, then occupied by Minimi Friars and, at the end, by the Camillini.

Ravaged by Spanish in 1673, French in 1692 and 1792-1796, it went trough many vicissitude, up to the abolition come in Napoleonic age.