Leaning against a hillock (49 mt. above the sea level) in a dominant position over the namesake creek, Caramagna owes its name to a settlement of the XI-XII century made of Piedmont family, encouraged by Benedictine sisters from the well known monastery founded between Cuneo and Turin.

The little parish church of S. Bartolomeo, whit the characteristic medieval bell tower, comes to us as it is after the restoration made in 1710-1720 by thee Architect Aicardi, whit the external facade plastered in 1784.

Going back to the 16th century, the behind oratory of the S. John’s brothers is no more in good condition.
The old town hall, set in the small square at the beginning of the village, it is possible to admire the commemorative stone in memory of 1st World War fallen, meanwhile in the internal tiny street it exists the medieval house of Holy Spirit brotherhood, nearby a defense tower.

On one side of the built-up area, the surrounding stream water was used as engine force by many oil mill: among them, the “Gombo del Palmoriere” of which it is still visible the footprint of the stream close to the Church of Our Lady of Mercy.

Just after the village, very spellbinding is the “Lazzareto” area, used still during the 19th century as quarantine area.
Some buildings have been built at the beginning of thee 20th century as infrastructure and industrial warehouse.